Harps for Health - Music Therapy provided by Katherine Honey
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Harps for Health
Music therapy is most effective in non-pharmacologic pain and anxiety management when played live for the individual patients and their families in healthcare settings. There is a growing body of scientific evidence proving the efficacy of therapeutic music. Studies have shown statistically significant results where live music is played.
Therapeutic music has demonstrated to have physiological and emotional benefits in both pediatric and adult emotional care, especially in burn, NICU, Cancer, Alzheimer’s patients.
In long term hospital care, music reduces the average length of stay by 11.9 days; savings of $33,000 per patient.
At Alta Bates/Summit Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital, Cancer patients who received 30 minutes of live harp music therapy saw obvious decrease in respiratory and heart rates while recorded music saw no significant effect on parameters. (Kemper, Martin, Block, Shoaf & Woods, 2004).
Single 20 minute session of harp music was effective in decreasing pain and anxiety in newly post-op cardiac and thoracic patients. (Aragon, Farris and Byers, 2002).
Orthopedic surgery using music therapy as a multi-modal, pre-emptive analgesia decreases the length of hospital stay following total joint arthroplasty. (Parker, R.J., 2011).
33 hospitals employed music therapists starting in 1996. Enough evidence has been accumulated over the past 12 years to document advantages to outweigh the expenditures of a music program. Including return of 2000-3000% of savings to hospital. (Betz, 2012).

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Katherine Honey is an accomplished harpist providing therapeutic harp music in senior centers, hospitals, assisted living facilities and other healthcare venues. She has provided therapeutic music at the bedside of cardiac, ventilator, coma, chronically ill and dying patients.

Katherine is on staff at the following facilities in Miami where she provides therapeutic harp services.

Miami Cancer Institute - Letter of Recommendation
Palace Group Senior Living Communities

She also performs at the following facilities in the Bay Area:

UCSF Hospital
Alta Bates/Summit Hospital
Reutlinger Jewish Home
Sunrise Assisted Living
Berg Senior Services
HCR Manor Care

Click here for information on making harpists available to your ICU, surgical waiting areas and patient care units.

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Were you the harpist in the lobby of the Oakland Alta Bates Medical Center (by the stairway, across from the gift shop) in Spring 2011? Were you also the harpist at the Fairmont Hotel during the December holidays? If yes, I want to offer
you my belated thanks.
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When I was confined to Summit Medical Center in Oakland, California, visitors told me about a harpist who was playing in the lobby. One even recorded her music on his phone for me. Then one day I was surprised to hear harp music playing somewhere near my room. I composed a note of thanks and asked my nurse to give it to the harpist.
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South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association member
Katherine Kathy O'Keefe Honey Harpist